Praise for The Axmann Conspiracy

"The Axmann Conspiracy is well-documented history but reads like a thriller. In our troubled age, when anti-semitism is on the rise, this account of a would-be Fourth Reich and the men who foiled it is as timely as it is chilling and engrossing." —Dean Koontz

"The Axmann Conspiracy is a true story, known to few and never before told in such extraordinary detail. The Nazi plot to resurrect a Fourth Reich from the ashes of Berlin has all the elements of a great spy thriller, a tale of insanity beyond insanity, Hitler beyond Hitler. Highly recommended." —Mario Spezi and Douglas Preston, authors of The Monster of Florence

"Selby's account, of the soulless Nazi fanatics who slithered about the ruins of Germany seeking not survival but resurgence and restoration, unfolds as if in real time, vivid and chilling." —Hugh Ambrose, author of The Pacific

"In The Axmann Conspiracy, Scott Andrew Selby explores a little-known chapter in the history of World War II, showing just how close the world came to a guerilla war that could have extended the fighting for years with unknown consequences. Exhaustively researched, parts of The Axmann Conspiracy read like something out of a LeCarre spy novel – but in this case, everything is based on carefully examined documents and well-marshaled facts. Anyone who thinks he knows how World War II ended should pick up this book: it will change his mind. Strongly recommended." —Jim DeFelice, author of Rangers at Dieppe, Omar Bradley: General at War, and American Sniper

"The Axmann Conspiracy tells a fascinating true story of insurgent Nazism with characters and twists as engrossing as any espionage novel. With clarity and attention to detail, Selby infuses this dramatic narrative of post WWII plots and counterplots with insights that not only bring this singular period and people out of the shadows, but also provoke the reader to reflect on the ways some of its complex patterns of warfare, retribution, and justice resonate into the present." —Matthew Pearl, author of The Dante Club, The Poe Shadow, The Last Dickens, and The Technologists

"How many novelists have imagined some diabolical villain who seeks the resurrection of the Nazis? None do justice to the heart-thumping true story of Axmann and his aim to do just that. Impressively researched, Selby recounts this history with zeal and narrative verve." —Neal Bascomb, author of Hunting Eichmann and The Perfect Mile

"The Axmann Conspiracy is a gripping tale that keeps the reader jumping from one page to the next. With the deft hand of a skilled researcher, Scott Selby brings to life one of the lost stories of World War II. A must read for any student of World War II history, or anyone who loves a good story." —Gregory A. Freeman, author of The Last Mission of the Wham Bam Boys and The Forgotten 500

"An astonishing book… Selby recounts this true story with the excitement, tension, and drama of a spy novel. It is an authentic tour de force, done with great skill and accuracy." —Bevin Alexander, author of Inside the Nazi War Machine and How Hitler Could Have Won World War II